manual lymphatic drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is a manual technique that encourages the flow of lymph fluid in your body.  Lymph fluid is a watery fluid that carries waste products away from the blood and tissues back toward the heart.

This process is a very light, gentle application on the skin, in the direction of lymph flow. This work does not require the client to be fully unclothed. It can be a stand-alone therapy, or it can be incorporated into a normal massage session.

MLD is often a crucial component of the health care for someone experiencing lymphedema or edema, for example as a result of congestive heart failure.

Lymphatic massage can greatly reduce tissue swelling – and it’s even been known to promote healing from injuries, provide relieve from eczema, constipation or physical traumas, as well as headaches, arthritis, or acne.