What reality do you live in?

Today a client arrived late for her craniosacral appointment. She was late for several reasons involving annoying to-do’s at home. Then the drive, which sounded like the usual selfish other drivers who drive too slow (or too fast), or who drive too cautiously (or too dangerously). Somewhere in the midst of her lamentation she found time to complain about her daughter’s application process for college and how college costs too much (but it’s a necessity to make a living) …

Aha. “Make a living.” What is it, to live? I’m sure she used that phrase idiomatically.

Words and thoughts are immensely powerful. They are used to label our otherwise ineffable experience of life on Earth. They are sometimes quite multifaceted, meaning very different things depending on the context (like “love” or “money” or “reality”) – and we usually give no or little thought to how we’re using that word in its particular context. (I love chocolate; I love my child.)  

As much as her words were chosen based on her perceived reality, I submit that her reality is likewise a result of her words (or thoughts, to get closer to the root of the matter).

What are Your Words?